How To Run An Author Cross Promo On Book Giveaways

Cross promoting with other authors is a fantastic way to find new readers. If you'd like more information on how to do this, read Paula Wynne's Book Promotion for Authors.

You can do all your book cross promotions directly from Book Giveaways. No need to set up author website pages or any other complicated set up.

Run Your Own Cross Promotions

  1. Book Giveaways is set up for authors to promote their books and run cross promotions with others. These other authors can be on Book Giveaways or not.
  2. The author who wants to run the promo sets up a board with the book promo name, for example: Paula's Thriller Giveaway, or March Historical Fiction Book Grab
  3. You find authors to join your promo. You can do this via our Author Groups by posting a notice and asking if anyone wants to join in. Or click the + Add button on the menu bar and you will see a 'chat' icon which takes you directly to the special BG group in Facebook.
  4. Decide if you're all going to give a free book (A) for the duration of the promo. Or (B) if you are going to all donate a book to a book bundle giveaway and get sign ups. We can host your book giveaway for you if you're not sure how it would work.

    A) To get the different authors books onto your promo board, simply pin the image to that board and add the download link for where the reader will get the book.

    B) Add the sign up landing page where the readers can enter to win your book bundle. You can do this via Rafflecopter or Gleam or, as mentioned above, we can host your giveaway for you.

  5.  Add one graphic that explains about the promo as a pin and add the 'cross promo board' link. Give this pin link to all the authors in the cross promotion.
  6.  All the authors in their promo (whether those authors have joined Book Giveaways or not) should promote that pin (which links to all the books on your book giveaway board).
  7.  The authors get subscribers. The page is visited by all the participating authors readers and thus gets lots of views ... and it's pushed up onto the home page. Find out how you can be featured on our home page.

On Book Giveaways home page, the cross promotion is visible to more readers. And the cross promotion link is emailed to all our readers!

If you're new to Cross Promotions, you can find out more information with Paula Wynne's Book Promotions for Authors.


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